New blogger is around

When blogs are no longer trending – except for automatic social-media/seo eco-systems generators – I decided to set up my own. I’m neither nostalgic nor retro, I just think that now more than ever it is important to help people understand real values and make some order in the tons of information we get daily, literally “big data” that is mainly generated and driven by marketing engines.

Today, IT decision makers are puzzled about which technology would boost up their business and most of them end up just picking mainstream products because “you won’t ever get fired for buying $marketLeader”. I always believed technology can really help the economy by commoditizing processes and leaving companies to focus on their core business, but if everyone picks mainstream technology products, how can competition rise through innovation?

In this blog I’ll try to give my contribution for a better understanding of the key technology trends I’m working on, aiming at helping anyone taking the right long term decision, possibly not in a conservative way.

Stay tuned!

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